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Getting A Freebie Is Always Fun.

Physical freebies always fun there’s just something about something that’s physical like you can hold in your hand that attracts a deeper sense of meaning than something digital.

And today I received a package through my door which was a freebie for being one of the first to take action on brand new website conwersion.com

This website is brand new on the scene and it’s the software that’s responsible for me getting out of my own way and creating a simple script based off somebody else’s script to book guests on to my podcast and reach out to them.

This particular Script I’m talking about was actually created by the one and only RJ Ahmed longtime friend of mine on Facebook and also guest to one of my podcast episodes before.

I thought I would give his script to go and just mess around to see what the outcome would be and to my surprise it bloody well worked.

It was a very simple script nothing much to it and that’s probably the reason why I like it because of the simplicity.

Concise and straight to the point it and got the job done with not much back and forth between guests and myself.

Anyway I landed myself around about 5 guests in 2 days.

And I thought I would congratulate the man in question RJ Ahmed for providing such a great script, little did I know that it would cause a chain reaction that landed me with a set of books that I’ve been meaning to get for quite some time.

After recognising the shout out to RJ, the owner of Cowersion reached out to me with a Facebook message saying that because I was the first to take action on a script on that website, I had win a set of books and asked if I would like to receive the prize.

I took the offer up from Asif Naseer, sent him my address details and waited patiently for the Freebie to arrive.

Going about my days and had almost forgot about the freebie that was going to arrive when Asif messaged to ask if I had received the prize yet.

I had to say no because it hadn’t arrived yet, Asif reassured me that I should be receiving the prize soon.

And here it is today, I received Russell Brunsons Secrets trilogy with the extra work book.

If you don’t know that has a value tag of around $120 not some cheap gimmick.

So to receive such an amazing gift through the post was a great feeling.

And appreciate Asif for sending this to me.

Looks like I have some reading to do, crunching out plans with my new books.

Here’s to the next chapter in conwersion.com and yours. 🍻