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Making Money Online doesn’t have to be hard.

There I said it, making money online doesn’t have to be hard.

The gurus would like you to think otherwise by manipulating data to suit their own theories.

I suspect by doing that they can get you hooked in, or maybe they genuinely believe that it is hard.

It’s not it can just take time.

Yes, some people will come into the online space and start producing results out of nowhere and make it seem like that’s the norm or that if you follow their footsteps you will have the same results.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t like that but fortunately, there is a formula you can do to get everything you want in life.

And I am going to lay out this simple formula to make money online in this blog post.

Hold don’t leave, yes it’s true if you follow this formula you will make money online and enough of it to leave that 9–5 race behind.

Sounds cliche but it’s true, you need a WHY to do anything in life without it you just won’t accomplish anything.

Anything? Yeah, anything.

Taking your wife to the doctors? You want to be supportive to your wife because she supports you in return, that’s one why.

They might be several whys to one action but one will always be bigger than the rest.

You might not know why yet but sitting down and thinking about why you want to make money online will help you in the future.

Your big WHY for making money online could be anything. Let’s take a look at some examples.

To spend more time with your children before they grow older.

To be location free.

To grow your wealth.

To escape the 9–5.

Because you don’t like taking orders.

To live life on your terms.

Health conditions.

To move house.

A new family addition.

To advocate your views.

To fund a charity cause.

To live a life of purpose.

The list of whys could go on forever, it’s all subjective and personal to you.

Some will say your why needs to be bigger than you.

I disagree, it doesn’t and actually for some having a why that’s bigger than yourself can be paralysing.

The idea of knowing your why will help you get the motivation to start and to continue when you have lows, to which you will have lows and that’s okay.

Knowing your why to make money online might even help you figure out how you want to make money online, more on that later.

Becoming a millionaire shouldn’t be one of them but if it is, it is. Who am I to tell you what your why should be or shouldn’t be.

Action steps:

  • Sit down and think of all the reasons why you want to make money online.
  • Decide on your big WHY.

“Oh, managing expectations, Michael you said it doesn’t have to be hard to make money online and now you are saying I have to manage my expectations.”

Well yeah, if you think you are going to walk in here and be an overnight millionaire via making money online then you are sadly mistaken.

Overnight successes take many nights.

You like that or maybe that didn’t click.

When it comes to success online you see only the tip of the iceberg.

You see everyone else in their retrospective fields at the top of their games or what you think is the top of their game.

However, it’s kind of like seeing a highlights reel.

The secret is as humans we don’t really share our low points, everyone loves showing off but not many of us share the hard times.

Even the one’s that are ‘transparent’ arent 100% transparent, instead what you will find is that they will mask the full truth or tell you the story of how they overcame their problems.

Yes, stories sell the solution and all that but they were quiet during the hard times, they were masking the real truth.

I’m not knocking anyone who does this and I am guilty of doing this too.

You usually won’t see all the effort people have gone through to get where they are.

Overnight success takes many nights.

What can you expect?

Expect making money online to take time.

How long? I can’t put a figure on this for everyone it’s going to be different.

5 years seems to be a given in the community, if you can put in the work consistently for 5+ years you will produce an income online.

Wait stop, just because I said 5 years doesn’t mean that it is going to take you 5 years but if you expect it to take you 5 years and you treat money made beforehand as a gift then you are setting yourself up for success.

This is the real reason why most fail, most fail because they don’t have the tenacity to see that level of commitment to themselves.

And it’s also why it shapes the reasoning that making money online is hard, because like I said before some will hit success fairly quickly while others just need the patience and time to reach success but give up before that, due to their high expectations making it seem hard.

Expect that making money online is a journey of self-discovery.

You are going to go through highs and lows and it’s in both of these times where you will more about yourself than you ever thought was possible.

The highs will make you feel like you are flying, unstoppable and a force not to be reckoned with.

The lows will kick you back down to reality, the reality that you aren’t as good as you thought you were and you are stoppable.

It’s in these times that you will have to change your perspective on life.

Expect making money online to take work.

I said making money online doesn’t have to be hard, I didn’t say it’s not going to take work though.

It’s going to take hours and hours working on something to make it a success.

You can’t just flick a switch and make money overnight this isn’t how it works and you want to stay away from anything that promises this.

There is no secret hack, there is no magic script, there is no shortcut.

Putting in the work and show up consistently is the one true path to success in making money online.

Expect to learn.

It’s going to take a new set of skills to make money online.

If you don't come into this space with the expectation that you are going to have to throw your old narratives out and install new ones then stop now.

You will have to learn and learn fast.

How you choose to learn is completely up to you. You can learn from books, blogs, online courses, training, masterclasses, youtube videos, coaching, mentorship and trial and error.

The medium you learn isn’t the important part.

The important part is that you need to be ‘coachable’ for lack of a better word.

Expect change.

The only constant is change.


The more things change, the more they remain the same

Conflicting I know but hear me out here.

The only constant is change means we are ever-evolving. Nothing stops us as a human race from driving towards the future.

We have just seen the world go into chaos, the world stopped but the change didn’t stop.

Innovation continued, breakthrough technology rose, businesses saw massive growth and some folded.

We saw a leap forward in advancement by something of a tune of 10 years.

Change is inevitable it’s going to happen, be ready for it.

The more things change, the more they stay the same means things change, but some aspects of them remain constant.

Inside the change look for the aspects that remain the same.

Social Media is a fast-paced world for instance however what remains constant is that the user wants a feeling of connection in the world, connected to their peers.

The platform might change and the features might change over time but the fundamentals that social media is built on doesn't change.

Change happens and still, stuff remains the same.

Action steps:

  • Train your mind with expectations.
  • Remain humble.

Nothing special here, sorry to break it to you.

Feel like this is turning into a bore-fest but it’s the truth.

There are so many ways you can make money online it would be impossible for me to list them.

Generally speaking,

Pick a skill or set of skills.

Hone them skills, learn to be better, grow your skills and once you have mastered them you will make money online.

5 years, yeah. 5 years of doing something over and over again will make you a master of something.

Enjoy writing? You can make money with that.

Enjoy filmmaking or video production? You can make money with that.

Enjoy painting? You can make money with that.

Or instead of starting with a skill,

You can start with a passion.

Maybe you have a passion for Pokemon cards? You can make money with that.

Have a passion for cooking? You can make money with that.

Have a passion for football? You can make money from that.

Or you can start with a job that needs to be done or a problem that needs to be solved.

These are two reasons that products and businesses exist, there is a job that needs doing or there is a problem that needs solving.

The two are really one of the same.

Problem: Business needs higher converting sales copy.

Solution: Copywriting Services (writing)

Problem: Boredom

Solution: Entertaining YouTube videos (filmmaking)

Problem: Need hole in the wall to hang a picture

Solution: Product Drill (e-commerce or product innovation)

As you can see there are many ways you can make money online and it really is too much for me to go over in one post.

When you land on the one you want to do the trick is to stick with it until you make it work.

If it’s something you enjoy it will be an easier ride.

Action steps:

  • Spend some time working out what you want to do.
  • Remember if you don’t like it, you can change.

This one is a little bit of a revolution for me in recent times.

I see so many gurus preaching that you should go all-in and to be fair I once said that too.

Looking back that was a stupid move.

And I know plenty of others that have done the same that now have regretted doing such a thing.

Take the view that it's pretty much the same as gambling except it’s with your life instead.

Yes, when you work a 9–5 you are technically putting all your eggs in one basket but it’s a reliable one.

Your job is to do the job you are paid to do and the company rewards you for doing that, straight cut and simple.

Online it is not as straight cut as that, let’s say you make your dollar through YouTubes Partner Program, a very legitimate way of monetizing your brand.

However, your eligibility into the partner program comes into question due to a change in YouTubes policies meaning your YouTube channel no longer monetized.

That’s it you are screwed.

When it comes to making money online you really need to be thinking of it like investing.

Diversifying your income sources so that if one source of income suddenly disappears overnight you have the others to sustain you whilst you work on either bringing that income source back or replacing it with another source of income.

Start with one and add more and more as you grow.

Coming up with ways to make money online will come easier the more you work at it.

From affiliate marketing to product promotions, from providing services to businesses to providing online fitness coaching.

Action steps:

  • Don’t rely on one source of income.
  • Start with one and build more as you grow.

We have already discussed this but I feel like the lows are so much of a big deal that they need addressing in more detail.

I believe that many will have so many struggles on the road to success with making it online.

Struggles are just that, struggles and you can overcome them.

Your brain is wired and has been wired to receive dopamine hits from short term pleasure.

When you get home from work, your brain wants you to play video games, watch telly, watch Netflix or even enjoy ‘time’ with the girlfriend.

And that’s not your fault but it is a real struggle you will face.

Your partner screaming at you because you aren’t spending time with them as much as they like will happen and ironically if that is also one of your motivators for doing all this, it will be like a double whammy.

That game calling you to play just for 30 mins will keep you playing for hours and before you know it, you have lost time and are losing more and more drive.

This will happen, social media will take up your time.

Watching TikToks will hurt you. Whatever your poison is, you face.

Your brain is used to the dopamine hits and unfortunately, it's going to take work to stay on course and reach your goals.

At first, it will a daily battle but as you progress it will get easier to manage.

You might have to make big sacrifices like completely removing distractions, eg. selling your games console so you can’t play games.

The extreme low’s:

You will have them, everything will be going as plan and all of a sudden boom, that gig you was counted on has fallen through, a client has gone out of business and the book launch was a complete flop, all in the same month.

A support network you can rely on here is where you will find help and I dont just mean friends and family after all these are the ones most likely not to understand why you doing all this.

Building relationships within the industry will make or break you.

Honestly, the power of relationships is underrated when you are down and there is someone there that has understands what you are going through can be all it takes to have the motivation to continue.

Just remember this is a journey and an experience that you chose for a better life no matter what that looks like for you.

And pain is only temporary, you will bounce back, the only thing that will stop that is your mind.

Take control of the controllable and go from there, you have this.

Action steps:

  • Remove distractions from your life.
  • Build relationships and form new friendships.

Making money online doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these steps to succeed:

  1. Understand your why for making money online.
  2. Expect it to take time and to learn hard and fast.
  3. Figure out how you are going to make money online.
  4. Spend 5 years doing and then make bank any money before is a gift.
  5. Don’t rely on one income source.
  6. Remove distractions.
  7. Build relationships.

You have got this! You can do it! I am rooting for you.

I have got a long way to go before I get to where I want to be too but I have this.


Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. You can find me here, YouTube, Facebook and my website. https://www.michaelellisonline.com/