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Why I chose medium to host my blog?

The answer is quite simple.

I am all about streamlining systems and processes.

You know making it easier for me or anyone to produce content for a variety of platforms without being overwhelmed.

Using my website to create and host my blog felt like a chore rather than a delight.

This maybe because I am not really a blogger at all and such never really got into it.

However, the fact still remains that I started my blog on my website MichaelEllisOnline Jan 2021 but have only published 2 posts in blog form.

Clearly using my website wasn’t working out for me and after using automation to be able to post my YouTube interviews on my website without me doing anything, I had an idea.

I could off used any platform to do this but ultimately I decided to use Medium.com for this purpose.

The reason being is that it serves more than one purpose by doing so, I know google indexes medium posts fast and has their own readership.

That’s like a match made haven.

Making your content more discoverable is always a good idea.

Plus I like the medium app, it makes writing content feel like you are just writing a long-form Facebook post.

Feels natural.

I am a mobile user at heart and the more I can do without the need for a computer the better.

Every time I post a new blog post on medium a plugin on my WordPress site will pick it up within 60 minutes of being published and port it over to the website.

The plugin takes care of everything.

Adding a featured image from this post on medium.

Adding the links in the post.

Adding the correct time and date.

Adding a canonical URL for SEO.

And publishing it public.

The plugin does it all, the plugin was used in the past to create copy cat websites.

I don’t use it in this way instead I use this plugin to curate my own content to one centralised location for easy viewing.

And it works great.

Writing this post was done on a phone in Little to no time at all.

Making my experience blogging feel great again.

If you would like to know what the plugin is, all you have to do is comment and ask.

Thank you for reading.


Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. You can find me here, YouTube, Facebook and my website. https://www.michaelellisonline.com/